The 90's Comeback Look We're Loving Right Now

We're all about any look that incorporates a classic white tee, and this 90's favourite is having a huge moment. Along with neck ties and chokers, the white t-shirt under a slip dress look (think Clueless and 90210) is back and we couldn't be happier.

Proving this comeback look is the new way to wear a basic tee, we knew this look had arrived when Kendall set the pace pairing a white tee under a black lace bra. Models and influencers soon followed suit, making this trend a hit on and off the streets.

Because we know the way to your classic tshirt's heart, Frances Hendrie has you sorted with a few styles in our collection perfect for the job. Check out The Wye, The Calypso and The Dreamland, the perfect styles to not only add to your classic t-shirt collection, but also get this ultimate look we can't get enough of.

xo FH.