How to dress up your Frances Hendrie tee for date night.

In our opinion, there’s nothing sexier than a classic white tee styled with an exceptionally cut pair of jeans. There’s just something about the shape of a well-fitted tee hugging your frame with a black lacy bra underneath (to keep him guessing).

And it’s one of our top looks for a date night. Hear us out.

Like we said, well-cut jeans, or even boyfriend jeans, with a pair of amazing heels and a classic tee is all you need for a night out with your babe. If you’re looking to really spice things up you can wear your favourite Frances Hendrie classic tee with a pair of slick leather pants, feminine skirt or leather mini. The choice is yours! Throw on a well-constructed blazer to complete the look for those cooler nights.

Ask any male, they’ll almost all agree that the low-key look of a classic cut tee is what they prefer to see most. It’s relaxed and sexy, leaving what’s underneath a total mystery.

The best part about this look? It’s effortless! It’s being sexy without trying. And we totally love that.

So, when your babe suggests a date night next, rock a Frances Hendrie tee with your favourite pair of jeans finished off with a red hot pair of red soles.

But, really, how goddamn hot is this look?

Images: Pinterest