Direct From London - LNDR


There is a new arrival at FRANCES HENDRIE and we have flown them half way across the world to bring them straight to you.

Meet the newest addition to FH Athleisure …

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LNDR’s coveted performance pieces are both effortless and functional, ensuring captivating athletic style. From supportive crop tops and classic track separates, to chic yet pragmatic rashguards, LDNR caters to the needs of the skilled sportswoman.

Based in East London and created in 2015, cult activewear label LNDR focuses on functionality for a contemporary active lifestyle. Outerwear is crafted from antibacterial or weatherproof fabrics, while leisure staples use temperature-regulating technology that’s perfect for travel. Comfort is at the forefront of design, while a clean aesthetic ensures a casual-cool look. It's something you can wear all day, everyday, doing something that makes you feel good.  

When you wear LNDR, you’ll experience seams and panels that follow muscle lines and movement points that bend and flex the way you do. LNDR’s garments cradle muscles, slim the physique and open movement points, allowing you to “do all the things.”

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