FH Wellness - A Beauty Health Blend By Frances Hendrie

With the Frances Hendrie mantra "Less is More" 2018 brought some new ideas to the FH Brand, with more things on our to do list than hours in the day we realized two things here at FH headquarters:

1.     Life would be to hard without our endless supply of Luxe Basics making the eliminating the Daily what to wear dilemma.

2.     We spend to much money on Green Juices, Charcoal Masks and Piccolo Lattes in an attempt to power through the days and keep that fresh faced glow 


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Created to nourish your body from the inside out, our Digestive, Skin and Energy Blends have been created to add some simplicity to daily routine.


 WHO FOR: If Skin is your thing then this skin focused blend is for you. It boosts collagen and keep your skin looking younger for longer.

WHY: It is powerhouse of selected skin loving ingredients including all organic powders of Beetroot, Wheat Grass, Baobab, Matcha & Kakadu Plum.

WHAT: Every glass is full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants & vitamin C. It promotes the production of collagen, prevents the signs of ageing and gives your skin a healthy glow!

Add two teaspoons to your morning water, fruit juice, coconut water or smoothie for best results.


WHO: If you want to boost your gut health by getting the goods in, this digestion boosting formula is your new best friend.

WHY:  It gets your gut right by promoting digestion and helping intestinal flora flourish.

WHAT: With all organic powder ingredients including Green Banana, Inulin, Ginger & Peppermint we have created a blend that is high in fibre, assists in balancing sugar levels and reduces stomach irritation.

Just add two teaspoons (5g) to your morning water, juice, coconut water or milk based drink for best results.


WHO: If you need that extra kick in the morning without adding an extra shot to your skinny cap…

WHY: It puts some pep in your step by energising you for the day and regulating your hormones.

WHAT: It’s the blend that packs a punch. Carefully curated all organic ingredients aimed at regulating your hormones and increasing energy levels including Maca, Acia & Maqui Berry. High in antioxidants and promoting glucose regulation OOMPH makes you feel more energised throughout the day.

Add 2 teaspoons (5g) to your morning water, juice or milk based drinks daily for best results.